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Medicine Hat News

Creating a website for a newspaper is no simple task and the Medicine Hat News was no exception. Designed by Dusty Melling and developed by myself and Jace Forsyth at TriCube Media, many things had to be considered from very start. Issues such as the placement and priority of information along with advertisement serving were the primary considerations, but we delved deep into how users with mobile devices could successfully access and navigate the website.

Medicine Hat News

At the time of design the website was envisioned in a 3 column format with related information in each row. All top and local news, commentary, etcetera, were to be kept in the same rows to be easily related to and accessed by users. When viewing the website on smaller devices the website would collapse down and change the way information is presented to accommodate the the varying resolution.

The website was developed using WordPress and was fully customized from the ground up using HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. Customized functions were created and used for images, text excerpts, navigation and pagination. The website tied into Google DoubleClick to serve advertisements and tied into an online newspaper system. After launch, the website was cloned and styled for The Lethbridge Herald.

At the time I wrote a very detailed analysis of average traffic to The Medicine Hat News website for both sales associates and clients to learn about advertisement serving, targets and impressions. To accompany this, I created a visual representation of advertisement zones with overlaying monitor resolutions to highlight which advertisements were likely to receive the most views. The traffic stats can be found here and the PDF representation of advertisements versus browser resolutions can be found here (31mb).

To inject a bit of fun into the website, users who encounter broken or mistyped links will be redirected to an error page with a randomized picture of a furry animal and a tidbit of information about it.

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