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The Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre

The Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre is the mecca for arts, music and culture in Medicine Hat. If you are an artist or musician that lives in Medicine Hat or is coming to town, The Esplanade is where you want to showcase your work.

The Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre

The website, originally designed by Hideaway Studios, was later redeveloped by Vaughn Royko and myself while at TriCube Media. At the time the redevelopment boasted customized functions, automated stylings based on the page or category the user was on, and automatic slideshow functionality to feature the multiple categories.

After the website was launched The Esplanade required the ability to better advertise events. I created a script for the user to input event start and end dates, descriptions, and images, which would then appear in a slideshow. It doesn’t sound like a difficult feat, but this was before Advanced Custom Fields!

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